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I trained in drama and dance at Dartington College of Arts, Devon. I have been working in the field of theatre and music for over 30 years as a community artist, and have run many choirs, including co-leading The Forres Big Choir for 11 years. I founded, directed and sang for many years with locally renowned acappella groups Too Many Kooks and Sonas.

I have a huge repertoire of beautiful and inspirational songs from around the world, both secular and sacred, traditional folk and pop/rock/gospel. Also compositions by contemporary writers for choirs.

I believe that everyone can sing, and I have much experience in encouraging those who thought they were tone deaf as well as those who want to make a career of music. As well as my background in theatre arts, movement, musical performance, and community workshops, I have a lifetimes experience of different holistic healing modalities. These strongly influence my work, particularly with adults.

Our body is our musical instrument. My approach is intuitive, spontaneous and open hearted and I can help people explore emotional blocks in their voices and find a freer vocal expression of their soul, as well as a deeper spiritual connection to the source of life. This can lead to increased health and wellbeing.

I am a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network.

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“ Kate has helped me unlock years of closed doors through the amazing range of methods she has used to help me find my voice again. Every lesson has been a journey and much like therapy. I see singing so differently now and love the idea that my body is an instrument. My voice can now do things I never imagined it could.
Thank you Kate for everything! ”   Laura (26)

“ Kate has helped me in pushing myself to my real potential, in fun and creative ways. A colourful and vibrant teacher ! ”   Esther (16)

Healing Harmonies:  “ Kate, this group is just amazing. I have never felt so empowered to express myself, to sing wild and free, to be in my body with my true voice. You were truly inspired when you started Healing Harmonies! I love the way you lead us from your heart, bringing all your own joy and curiosity and wonder at this process of organic music. It is truly marvelous the way you help us bring out our unique individuality, and then magically craft a harmonious whole from all the different sounds and voices — an improvised symphony that astonishes us all! A dance of sound that heals body and soul. ”

Healing Harmonies:   “ I love your sessions and how you work, you are an inspiration for me, and during this difficult time I have been using my voice to express my feelings. It has really helped! ”

Workshop:  “ I don't think I have ever met such an extraordinary teacher, living and breathing and drawing out the music in such an utterly beautiful way. You have the most amazing, all-encompassing voice I have ever heard ... completely authentic and completely woman, and somehow connecting right to the heart and soul of things. ”   Libby

Workshop:  “ Kate opens people's hearts and draws the music out. ”



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For all events, workshops, groups, choirs, classes and private lessons, please feel free to contact me for further details and to discuss your requirements. Reasonable terms.
I am based in North Scotland. I will travel throughout Scotland and further by arrangement.

Email:  katesvoices@gmail.com
Mobile (text only):  07749 216223


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