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Too Many Kooks

Too Many Kooks in 2009 Too Many Kooks in 2009

Too Many Kooks ... described by my webmaster as “Kate's Masterpiece” ... well, I thought we were great and I had a good time singing with, and directing, the group over the years.

The Kooks grew out of a class I set up for women in 2007, inspired by my neighbour Sarah Abenheimer (photo above, front row, right) who wanted to be part of a women's gospel group. The group developed and attracted better and better singers and we had some great years singing around our local area and further afield.

I firmly believe that singing together builds community, and the Findhorn/Forres area is host to several very diverse groups. I was delighted that the Kooks line up had an equal number of RAF wives, local Scots, and Findhorn Foundation International Spiritual Community members. Too Many Kooks at Ironworks Inverness in 2009 Too Many Kooks @ Ironworks Inverness in 2009

One high spot was our day out to Glasgow to audition for a Channel 5 talent show. I remember thinking as we walked in ... “we're too old and we're wearing too many clothes”. But we sang our socks off and I was glad not to be picked as I hadn't fancied the thought of all those trips to London.

Other highlights include singing at Dougie MacLean's Perthshire Amber Open Mike in 2011 and 2013, and performing Jessie J's Price Tag for the Findhorn Foundation's 50th birthday celebration, complete with my rap!

But the pinnacle has to be flashmobbing our local Tesco on Findhorn Bay Culture Day 2013 and singing ABBA's Money Money Money by the tills! This being the North of Scotland, people didn't flock to hear us, but rather scuttled away, pretending we weren't there!

Those were good years.

In 2015 the group and I went our separate ways.


 “Something Inside So Strong”

by Labbi Siffre
2010 — Universal Hall Findhorn

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 “Parcel of Rogues In A Nation”

by Robert Burns
2010 — Universal Hall Findhorn

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 “The Angel Gabriel”

traditional Basque carol
2011 — St Leonards Church Forres

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 “Both Sides The Tweed”

by Dick Gaughan
2014 — Kinloss Church Hall

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 “Rule The World”

from Take That (Orange/Barlow/Donald/Owen)
2014 — Kinloss Church Hall

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 “Price Tag”

by Jessie J
2014 — Perthshire Amber, Dunkeld

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Gigs History

 Some Too Many Kooks gigs (2008 – 2014)

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